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Fran Fraschilla
Career-Readiness, Marketing/Media Track

This media and broadcast learning playlist will focus on the art of storytelling in sports broadcasting with tips from college basketball broadcaster Fran Fraschilla.

Fraschilla’s philosophy centers around the importance of making complex concepts accessible to a general audience, drawing from his coaching background.

The course will cover techniques for effective communication and preparation, including ongoing research and networking, as well as building trust with athletes and coaches.

Students will explore the power of narrative in sports media, with an emphasis on engaging and informing viewers while providing insightful analysis. Throughout the course, students will practice developing their own unique storytelling voice and creating compelling content that resonates with audiences.

What you will learn

PREPARE you to be a story teller and find their voice
● UNDERSTAND what the field of broadcasting has to offer
LEARN how to educate, entertain, and inform viewers
CONNECT your experiences with something happening in the game
DISCOVER how to be critical artfully and use honesty skillfully
INSPIRE viewers by telling them a story and guide their experience
PREPARATION makes an expert – learn tips from the experts from researching to networking to building relationships

This Course Includes:

● 9 interactive micro-lessons
● 1 Article
● 1 Micro-Assignment
● Digital Badge

Types Of Micro-Internship Roles:

Media Production Assistance
Social Media Content Creator
Community Management
Sports Writer
Media Center Services
News Researcher
Video Editing
Social Media Analytics

Power Skills Focus:

Fran’s Philosophy:

"Given my coaching background, I try to explain the game on TV in a way that even an average sports fan would understand. Teaching at its core is to translate what you know in a way that’s easy to understand. My preparation is a daily ongoing preparation that encompasses reading everything I can about the game, talking to people that I think I can learn from—and not just people who have been around the game forever. I’m constantly up to date on new players, new coaches, etc. I connect at a level with the athletes and the coaches in a way that they trust what I say on the air even when they disagree with what I say. They know I do my homework and put my preparation time in. To me, preparation is akin to breathing because it’s ongoing!"

Fran Fraschilla joined ESPN as a college basketball game and studio analyst in 2003 and now serves as an analyst primarily on Big 12 Conference men’s basketball games.

He worked on NBA Draft coverage, the FIBA World Championships, the NBA and high school basketball. He was also an analyst on ESPN’s NCAA Division I Women’s Basketball coverage from 2007-2014. Fraschilla coached at the collegiate level for 23 years, posting an overall record of 175-100.

When he joined ESPN, he ranked as the 34th winningest active coach in men’s college basketball. His teams made eight postseason appearances in nine years, including three NCAA Tournaments (1993, 1995 and 1998).

Course Features

3 Months
Skill level

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