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Jamie Fritz
Career-Readiness, Marketing/Media Track

This learning playlist on sports marketing is an exciting opportunity to learn from one of the industry's top leaders, Jamie Fritz, who has worked with top brands and sports legends.

FieldXperience provides a valuable opportunity to learn from a seasoned professional and take your sports marketing skills to the next level.
The course covers various topics related to sports marketing, including branding, sponsorship, and social media.
Participants will gain valuable insights and practical tips on how to succeed in this competitive field.
Through interactive modules and real-life case studies, the course provides a comprehensive understanding of the strategies and tactics used by successful sports marketers.
Whether you're an aspiring sports marketer or a seasoned professional, this course is a must-attend to take your skills to the next level.

What you will learn

● Positive mindset and visualization
● Target customer and audience data analysis
● Basic brand strategy design
● How to apply a positive mindset to enhance motivation toward success, analyze consumer demographics, behaviors, and psychology, construct basic elements of a brand strategy,
● Advertisement strategies following the rules of 7 impressions
● Campaign strategies to activate consumer purchasing
● Comprehensive effectiveness critique of advertisements
● How to differentiate advertisement channels to impress consumers, develop campaign strategies to activate consumer purchasing

This Course Includes:

● 30 interactive micro-lessons
● 6 Challenger Activities
● Sports Marketing Strategy & Plan
● Optional: Submission for sports marketing micro-internships
● Personalized Certificate of Completion
Based on your passion and quality of participation, once you have completed the course, you can submit a video pitch to be selected into our micro-internship program to get a first-hand experience in sports marketing at an upcoming event.

Course Features

3 Months
Skill level

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