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Kim Scott
Career-Readiness, Esports, Marketing/Media Track

Radical Candor is a concept developed by author Kim Scott that encourages individuals to provide direct feedback that is both caring and challenging.

This short learning playlist on Radical Candor introduces the concept and explains its benefits. It provide examples of how to apply Radical Candor in real-life situations, such as giving feedback to a team member, providing coaching to a mentee, or addressing a difficult situation with a colleague.
The micro-lessons include role-playing activities to allow you to practice providing Radical Candor and receive feedback in a safe and supportive environment. Overall, the micro-lessons on Radical Candor can help you develop the skills necessary to give and receive honest feedback that fosters growth and development.

What You Will Learn:

In this learning playlist, you’ll learn how to deliver impactful feedback to help you develop your team to their fullest potential.

1.- The Importance of Impactful Feedback: In this micro-lesson, you’ll learn the benefits of openly exchanging feedback, and common mistakes in delivery. You’ll also learn how to use the SBI model to form actionable feedback.
2.- Giving Radical Candid Feedback: Learn how you can apply Kim Scott’s concept of Radical Candor to construct timely, honest, and impactful feedback.
3.- Radical Candor Lesson Review: Look back at what you learned about the strategies and benefits of giving impactful feedback, and about Kim Scott’s Radical Candor approach.

This Playlist Includes:

● 3 interactive micro-lessons
● 1 Video
● 2 Article
● 1 Micro-Assignment
● Digital Badge

Types Of Micro-Internship Roles:

● Team Leader
● Journalist
● Customer Advocate
● First Aid Registration
● Human Resources Coordinator
● Game Day Trainer

Course Features

3 Months
Skill level

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