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Power Skills Playlist

Sheri Levi
Power Skills Playlist

Emerging leadership styles refer to new, modern approaches to leadership that have developed as a result of changes in the business environment and evolving social norms.

These styles differ from traditional leadership styles, which have been prevalent for decades. Emerging leadership styles are important and helpful because they reflect the changing needs of organizations and employees.

They focus on empowering employees and fostering collaboration, rather than traditional top-down approaches to leadership.

Emerging Leadership Styles:

Prioritize emotional intelligence, empathy, and inclusivity, which can lead to improved team dynamics, better problem-solving, and increased job satisfaction.
Can help organizations adapt to changing environments and meet the needs of a new generation of workers. Younger workers, for example, value work-life balance, flexibility, and social responsibility, and emerging leadership styles are better equipped to meet these needs.
Important and helpful because they reflect the evolving needs of organizations and employees, promote collaboration and inclusivity, and can help organizations adapt to changing environments and meet the needs of a new generation of workers.
This lesson playlist helps new leaders identify contemporary leadership styles which suit them in order to meet the needs of their organization.

Lessons Included:

1.- Leaders: Born or Made? – Discover your personal leadership style.

2.- Transactional Leadership – Maximize the potential of using transactional leadership to drive team success.

3.- Transformative Leadership – Develop positive habits for transformative leadership.

4.- Visionary Leadership – Have a vision for your team.

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