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A pre-requisite for a dream micro-internship

Step into a world where your career journey knows no bounds with our Event Readiness: Crucial Power Skills for Success! Tailored for anyone poised to make their mark in any field, this learning experience is a masterclass in navigating the human-centric aspects of professional life with transferrable power skills (aka soft skills).

This isn't just learning; it's doing. From the get-go, you'll dive into power skills essential for thriving in any career: self-awareness, active listening, empathy, critical thinking, and problem-solving. These aren't just skills; they're your toolkit for life, preparing you to excel in any situation, especially the unpredictable and dynamic world of live events and life in general. Next, you’ll craft a compelling video pitch to be selected to work a micro-internship at a live event that will put into action navigating real-world challenges and networking like a rising high potential.

Life and live events share a common thread: both are unpredictable, filled with surprises, and utterly exhilarating. This learning experience harnesses this dynamic energy, offering you a micro-internship that's more than just an experience—it's a simulation of life itself. You'll navigate through challenges, adapt on the fly, and employ power skills like critical thinking and empathy, all within the vibrant backdrop of a major event.

Course Prerequisites

No prerequisite needed. To succeed in, you need an open mind, willingness to outperform, embrace change, and commitment to applying power skills onsite at events.

Here is the course outline with more details and learning outcomes for each module

Course Outline

Journey Architecture

This micro-internship learning experience equips you with essential skills to thrive in any career, even in chaotic and unpredictable environments. Revolutionize the way you prepare for your career and personal growth. We believe in combining learning, work experience, and networking into one powerful program, creating a natural progression to thrive and build confidence.

Learn with GENIE: Your adventure begins with our innovative online modules, led by GENIE, your generative AI mentor. GENIE is more than a mentor; it's your 24/7 guide through the intricacies of the live event world, offering insights into the micro-internship and beyond. You'll acquire a robust set of power skills, including self-awareness, active listening, empathy, critical thinking, and problem-solving. These aren't just skills; they're your passport to standing out in the any industry.

Skills and Resources

The online program is available 24x7x365 via any web browser or mobile device and includes (5) learning modules, (24) lessons, and approximately (3) hours of optional reading material. Below is a list of the lessons:

This course offers college students, high school seniors, graduates, and military transitioning to civilian workforce a unique blend of theory and practice through a micro-internship at a major event. Focused on developing essential power skills—self-awareness, active listening, empathy, critical thinking, and problem-solving—it prepares participants for both personal and professional challenges. Completers will enhance their skills, gain real-world experience, expand their network, and receive a LinkedIn badge.

Digital Credential

Earners who have successfully completed the course will receive a digital badge with branding from the event for 3+ hours of learning, work experience and completing assessments.


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