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Dive into the Foundations of Prompt Engineering for AI Systems, a course that lays the groundwork for understanding and mastering the art of communicating with AI. Students will engage in a dynamic learning environment, collaborating with peers, mentors, and Pria in a virtual AI environment. Through hands-on projects, students will apply their newfound skills to design and refine effective prompts. Successful completion of this course awards the Foundations of Prompt Engineering digital badge.

Course Details

The New Skills Tech Foundations of Prompt Engineering course offers a comprehensive journey that guides students through course material and activities encompassing both the foundational principles and ethical considerations of prompt engineering. Through this immersive experience, students will not only master the essentials but also explore the cutting-edge applications that are revolutionizing the way we interact with artificial intelligence.

Embarking on this educational journey, students begin with a fundamental grasp of artificial intelligence (AI) and the core principles of prompt engineering. Students will learn the significance of linguistics and psychology in the development of effective prompts. As the course progresses, students will acquire skills in crafting well-structured prompts and mastering advanced techniques. Additionally, the curriculum addresses the limitations and ethical considerations of using AI, providing a comprehensive understanding of the field. The program culminates in a capstone project, where students apply their knowledge by designing and implementing their own prompts in Pria, showcasing their proficiency and creativity.

The course offers a deep dive into the world of prompt engineering for AI systems, by laying the groundwork for understanding and mastering the art of communicating with AI. Students will engage in a collaborative learning environment, working alongside peers, mentors, and utilizing Pria as a virtual assistant to enhance their learning experience. Students will develop skills to craft effective prompts, culminating in a project where they apply their knowledge. Successful completion earns the Foundations of Prompt Engineering digital badge, showcasing their proficiency in this evolving field.

Here is the course outline with more details and learning outcomes for each module

Course Outline

Journey Architecture

The online program is available 24x7x365 via any web browser or mobile device and includes four (4) learning paths, fifteen (15) lessons, and over fifty (50) hours of learning material. Below is a list of the learning paths:

Introduction to AI and Prompt Engineering
Mastering the Art of Prompt Engineering
Ethics & AI: Engineering Thoughtful Prompts
Prompt Engineering Applications and Reflection

The course begins with "Introduction to AI and Prompt Engineering." This section provides a foundational understanding of AI and highlights the importance of prompts in AI interactions. It is followed by "Mastering the Art of Prompt Engineering," which examines the role of linguistics and psychology in creating prompts and teaches students fundamental and advanced techniques for crafting effective prompts.

The path, "Ethics & AI: Engineering Thoughtful Prompts," focuses on the limitations of AI and the ethical considerations in AI use by promoting responsible human-machine interaction. The program concludes with "Prompt Engineering Applications and Reflection," where students look into the future of AI, engage in discussions, and complete a final project that encapsulates their learning experience.

Skills and Resources

Artificial Intelligence
Precision in Prompt Design
Prompt Engineering
Critical Analysis in Prompt Design
Creative Problem-Solving in AI Communication
Analytical Writing for AI systems
Technical Communication in AI
Debugging and Iteration in AI Communication
Analytical Thinking
Empathy in Prompt Design
Linguistics in AI Communication
Psychology in AI Communication
Advanced Prompt Techniques
Ethical Considerations in AI
Engagement with generative AI
Strategic Thinking for AI systems

Digital Credential

Earners of the Foundations of Prompt Engineering credential have successfully demonstrated experiential skills in AI literacy, prompt design, ethical awareness of AI, and prompt engineering. The Foundations of Prompt Engineering badge requires 50+ hours of hands-on activities and labs across 15 skills in Prompt Engineering.

Following is summary of the earning criteria for the Foundations of Prompt Engineering digital credential:

Complete 10 hands-on AI labs using Pria
Complete all required learning resources in the Foundations of Prompt Engineering online journey – 15 lessons – including, videos, articles, activities, and discussion posts
Pass short assessments (80% or better) in all lessons
Participate in weekly virtual collaboration sessions with instructor(s), mentor(s), and peers

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