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Unlock the secrets of the Wellness Wheel and embark on a transformative journey towards career success and personal fulfillment. In “Wellness Alchemy,” students will delve into five pivotal segments of wellness and discover the power of holistic well-being.

This course goes beyond conventional career development by emphasizing the integral role that physical, emotional, and mental well-being play in achieving long-term goals. By learning essential techniques and strategies, you will gain the tools to nurture your health and unlock your full potential.

Drawing inspiration from the leaders and legends who have harnessed the power of wellness to excel in their careers and lives, you will receive invaluable tips and insights. “Wellness Alchemy” empowers you to create a harmonious and balanced lifestyle that not only supports overall well-being but also amplifies productivity, satisfaction, and success in both your professional and personal spheres.This course is an essential element in the career journey for all students and emerging talent, as it focuses on the five segments of wellness: Moving Well, Eating Well, Thinking Well, Doing Well, and Thriving Well.

Course Prerequisites

No prerequisite needed. To succeed in "The Wellness Wheel" course, a learner needs an open mind, willingness to embrace change, and commitment to applying the course's principles to their daily life for holistic well-being improvement.

Here is the course outline with more details and learning outcomes for each module

Course Outline

Journey Architecture

The online program is available 24x7x365 via any web browser or mobile device with access to your own personal teaching assistant AI Genie and includes (5) learning paths, (15) lessons, and (5) hours of optional learning material.

This learning journey offers comprehensive benefits by teaching participants how to integrate physical activity, healthy eating, and positive thinking into your daily routines for improved health, energy, and sleep hygiene, while also providing strategies for stress management, resilience building, and fostering a positive mindset. Additionally, it emphasizes the importance of goal-setting, work-life balance, social connections, and community involvement for achieving personal growth, purpose, and a fulfilling life.

Skills and Resources

In this introductory course, learners will acquire a diverse set of skills aimed at enhancing their overall well-being and quality of life. These skills include:

Moving Well:
The importance of physical activity and exercise for overall health
How to incorporate physical activity into daily routines
Strategies for getting better sleep and improving sleep hygiene
Eating Well:
What foods to eat for optimal health and energy
The importance of hydration and how to stay hydrated
How to make healthy food choices and avoid unhealthy habits
Thinking Well:
Techniques for managing stress and building resilience
Strategies for developing a positive mindset and fostering optimism
The importance of personal growth and continuous learning
Doing Well:
Strategies for setting goals and achieving success
The importance of finding purpose and meaning in work
How to balance work and life demands and maintain work-life harmony
Thriving Well:
The importance of social connections and building meaningful relationships
How to find meaning and purpose through community involvement and volunteer work
Strategies for achieving a sense of fulfillment and well-being in life

Digital Credential

Earners who have successfully completed the course will receive a digital badge for each of the 5 sections and a completion badge which requires 5-10+ hours of learning, journaling, reading articles and completing assessments.

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